Handel - Zadok the Priest

Handel - Zadok the Priest

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Handel composed his four coronation anthems between September and October 1727, producing some of the most spine-tingling choral music of the Baroque period. 

'Zadok the Priest' is by far the most popular of the four. Its adrenaline rush of an introduction, with its teasing promise of release only to start again, is only a warm-up for what is to come. As the regal strings build, it's still a surprise when the trumpets and choir burst onto the scene with their triumphant outpouring of joy! 


1. Zadok the Priest 
2. The trumpet’s loud clangour 
3. Let the bright Seraphim 
4. Eternal Source of Light Divine 
5–6. Gloria 
7. Lascia ch’io pianga 
8. Ombra mai fù 
9. Where’er you walk Elin Manahan Thomas soprano
10. Waft her, angels, through the skies 
11. O ruddier than the cherry 
12. Gloria Patri, et Filio 
13. May no rash intruder 
14. Arm, arm ye brave Bryn Terfel bass
15. See, the conqu’ring hero comes
16. March
17. Sing unto God
18. Moses and the children of Israel
19. The King shall rejoice